Chongqing Kangde Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, with total assets exceeding 5 billion yuan, registered capital of 160 million yuan,total development of more than 5 milion square, nearly five-year cumulative tax 500million, existing staff more than 1200 people,and Mr. Lu Chaokang as its legal representative, is a comprehensive enterprise group integrating real estate development (Class 1 national qualification), construction, five-star hotels, property management (Class 1 national qualification), sports industry and various other sectors.

Under the lead of Chairman Lu Chaokang, employees of Kangde have been always striving to “create a healthy life for human beings”, and to “build a civilized, harmonious, comfortable and elegant living environment and human environment for the society”. A series of influential buildings, including “Kangde Development Building”, “Kangde • Yishanyuan”, “Kangde • Hongjinlou”, “Kangde • Beicheng Lvjing”, “Kangde • Kangju Haoyue”, “Kangde • 27° Living Space”, “Kangde • Candy Box” and “Kangde • Captiol Hill”, etc., have been accomplished, providing quality living environment and humanized property service for more than 90,000 families and 260,000 residents.

Kangde Group is to launch several projects scattered all over the whole Chongqing at the same time in 2011. Those projects involve finely decorated high-rise buildings, city complex, foreign-style garden houses, and star-level hotels. “Kangde • Chengshi Fengyun” will offer white collars with a high-quality multifunctional garden community and finely decorated top-grade houses; “Kangde • International” is to lead the industrial trend with a combination of the residential building and top office building; “Kangde • Tianzi Lake”, located at the core area of Wanzhou New City with the fascinating Tianzi Lake and nice scenery, is bound to become the most representative top-grade residential community of Wanzhou; and an extra-luxury five-star hotel, “Kangde Howard Johnson Hotel”, will be built near “Kangde • Captiol Hill” at the RBD center on Nanbin Road. With such a favorable location, the hotel is sure to surpass the other five-star hotels in this area.

While striving for self-development, Kangde employees also attach much importance to their social responsibilities, and have voluntarily participated in many public benefit activities as well as the sports undertakings. A total of more than 6 million yuan have been spent in building 12 hope primary schools in Shizhu, Yunyang and other places ofChongqing, accommodating more than 2,000 children. And later in 2008, the group donated more than 50 million yuan to build Nanping Experimental Primary School and Shanhu Kindergarten, so that more than 3,000 children were able to go to school. The group also contributed nearly 40 million yuan for the construction of Kangde Road, Captiol Hill Park andSihai Road Dongbu Park. Moreover, it has invested 40 million yuan in the establishment of Chongqing Kangde Ping-ping Club Co.,Ltd., in 2005, which has now become one of the 3 groups holding the top events in China.

The trustworthy and specialized Kangde employees have devoted themselves to improving living environment of the citizens and building quality real estate for them. Thanks to their professionalism and respectable morality, the group has won a very good reputation in and out the industry, and has been successively awarded with the titles of one of the “top 50 private enterprise in Chongqing”, one of the “top 50 real estate development enterprises in Chongqing”, an “AAA-level credit rating enterprise of Chongqing real estate industry credit construction”, a “reliable enterprise in Chongqing”, a "famous brand in Chongqing", an “advanced tax-paying enterprise in Chongqing”, one of “the top 10brand enterprises in Chongqing’s real estate industry and top 10 star property management enterprises”, a “national demonstration enterprise of the industry quality”, a “national demonstration enterprise for quality and service integrity”, “AAA-level credit enterprise” of Agricultural Bank of China and China Construction Bank, as well as “2008 Zhan Tianyou Prize---the best construction design prize in Chongqing”, “2009 Zhan Tianyou Prize---the outstanding technology prize in Chongqing”, “2010 Zhan Tianyou Prize---the outstanding residential community gold prize in Chongqing”, etc. Moreover, the group has gained the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification.

Kangde is an indestructible team with years of rich experience. This top-ranking team in the domestic real estate industry has been continuously creating new commercial patterns and profit models, in an effort to build “Kangde” into a large comprehensive diversified enterprise group with outstanding main business and powerful competitiveness. Meanwhile, the team will go on with its mission of “rewarding the society”, and offer a hand for those in need, so as to bring a healthy, harmonious living to the human beings.

With the multi-direction plan, Kangde has been developing rapidly in recent years and has become one of the leading real estate companies in China. Facing with the coming new opportunities and challenges, Kangde will further develop with indomitable courage and upgraded developing plans to achieve more in the future. Great efforts will be made by Kangde to develop itself into a comprehensive enterprise with main products, multi-orientation development and powerful competitiveness. Kangde will further expand all over China and develop abroad with its base in Chongqing, constructing five 5-star hotels with excellent construction and design groups while developing high-quality residences and commercial lands. An assets management company will be founded with a total of 4.5 billion yuan investment, which will perfect the structure of assets and management.

Kangde will make unremitting efforts to fulfill its ideal of the “return to society”, caring those who need assistance and contributing to the harmonious, livable and health life.