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[Community Live-Action] House Delivery in Sight, High Quality Community in Perfect Presentation!
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There are many definitions of happiness, but for most people, there must be a kind of happiness to go home. For a home buyer, the happiest moment is when the key is obtained in house delivery.

From a drawing, a sand table, a site to a building, only the owners know the feeling of waiting eagerly for the process of waiting is too long. In this anxious expectation, let us take a look at the “new home” in advance.

Home in Kangde, time pausing in the most beautiful scenery

Walking into the park, flowers and trees, leisure seats, shared public leisure area... landscape matching facilities have been already mature.

The green grass, numerous trees, and broad and grand landscape design make people feel relaxed and happy. Swimming pools, basketball courts, badminton courts, children's playground... facilities have been already perfect.

Feel at ease here, settle down in Kangde, and do not run around! Under the blue sky, it is a good place to play, in the community center, it is where you can enjoy the good time.

The most sincere intentions of Kangde are reflected in every detail of the exquisite designs.

A brick presents high quality, a wood reflects scenery. Kangde considers the high quality in each square and inch of land, strives to embody the supreme quality of space, and summarizes the experience of building houses for many years, striving to create a pleasant living environment for the owners, and to create luxuriant residences for pleasant living and with beautiful scenery. The beautiful scenery comes as scheduled, and the elegant residence has already appeared. The intensively decorated registration hall will enable the feeling of home to start from registration, and a happy and comfortable life will start from here.

Each smiling face, every sentence, every care, and every detail is Kangde's most sincere intention. Adhering to creating life with high quality, Kangde will guard the beauty of every “home” in the days to come.

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