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Kangde City- House Delivery | Road to Home is the Best Road!
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You may embrace the joy of opening the door to your home when other people are still keeping their expectations for home in their imagination. Kangde City Phase I in Qijiang is now officially on house delivery!

12 Buildings for more than 3000 Owners, Welcome Home!

Upon walking in Kangde City Community, jasmine scent passed through the breeze and dew on lawn glittered in the morning light. The red “Welcome Home” sign seemed exceptionally eye-catching in the green community, telling the official launch of a happy and healthy new life on the very day!

The reception center was already crowded after 7 o’clock in the morning. The crowd has lit up the whole site and the owners were in smiles with agitation and expectation. The reporter was indulged by the jubilant and bustling atmosphere.

Clear process indication was on every noticeable location and staffs were standing by to answer questions at any time. Every staff at the reception desk, cashier, singing desk, house checking office and decoration management office was extraordinarily spirited, receiving every house owner in the warmest way. It was reported that the staffs had gone through multiple rehearsals before the reception to ensure the site was ready and in order.

All Waiting is Worthwhile

The owners’ most exciting moment in the whole process is definitely the moment of getting the key to home. Kangde City assigned professional house inspectors to follow the owners throughout the whole process and answer their doubts patiently, getting them familiar with their new homes. On the second day of reception, some owners in the community started the decoration. With high praises on the quality and environment of the community, they all wanted to live in earlier and enjoy the wonderful experience. Miss Wang, one of the owners, said she felt every waiting worthwhile when she saw the magnificent and elegant living environment.

Stringent Quality Control and Fine House Delivery for Big House Class

It is said that house delivery is a final assessment on developer’s strength and mission and only supreme quality can withstand any test. Kangde City has undoubtedly done it!

Kangde City’s close examination on details is perfectly manifested by a series of elaborated matched elements such as guide, green plants, resting chair, fitness area, swimming pool and children’s playground. Every detail is given the finest care to improve the overall quality of the community to the utmost extent, showing complete big house class.

Happiness is union of a family. As kids grow up, family becomes more comfortable. Going home is returning not only to a geographical start point but also to a point of time. Life hereafter blossoms in this point and the future history starts from this place with Kangde’s assurance.

For rare number of seats, we are waiting for you to contact us! Kangde City VIP Subscription Hotline: 023-87268888

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