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Commencement of Phase III of Kangde City in Jijiang to Build a Local Landmark
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To think in retrospect, whenever the property of Kangde City is open for sale, it was always sold out within only 1 hour, creating a myth in sales in Jijiang. Today, 98% property in phase I and phase II of Kangde City has been sold out, indicating that the supply falls short of demand. To meet potential buyers’ expectations, we launch the project of phase III of Kangde City.

A new masterpiece in the C plot for 2019

Phase III of Kangde City is located at Xinkang Avenue, Gu’nan Street, Jijaing District. It neighbors the phase II of Kangde City and has a total construction area of 548, 899.04 square meters and 3495 parking spaces. The development will consist of 20 high-rise blocks which are equipped with a kindergarten, commercial podiums and underground garages etc. They will be available for sale at the beginning of 2019.

With the commencement of development on the new plot and the heavy responsibilities ahead, Lu Chaokang, the chief executive of Kangde Group has given the following directives: strengthen safety production and earnestly assume the entity responsibility of safety production; proactively promote the construction of the project and ensure the timely delivery of the project; strengthen the quality control and meet the expectations of the government and the people.

Building a local landmark in Jijiang in full swing

It’s learned that currently the matching facilities of Kangde City are being set up. The branch School of Lingyuan Primary School has been opened. Jijiang Middle School is still under construction. In mid September, the No.210 national highway will be thoroughly completed and put into use. The hot pot street has been soliciting business. Thousands of families have been settled in Kangde City. Having undergone years’ development, Kangde Group will make further efforts to build the Kangde City Project, improve the urban communications and construction in Jijiang and the people’s living quality and write a new chapter in exquisite residential development for Jijiang.

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