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Kangde Group Wins Enterprise Credit AAA Ratings for a Tenth Year
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Recently, Kangde Group wins Enterprise Credit AAA Ratings again in accordance with ratings for real estate development industry of Chongqing 2017. It’s learned that Kangde Group has been listed as a credit enterprise for a row of ten years in Chongqing, suggesting the power and brand influence of the enterprise.

Major Annual Exam of the Industry

Kangde Group Wins AAA Credit Ratings

Under the setting of competition in scales, credit plays an important role in improving the image and brand of real estate developers. For a committed real estate developer, strengthening credit is the key to winning a place in the market.

It’s learned that AAA credit rating is the highest rating for real estate developers and it suggest the enterprise’s capacity of performance of duties and its business reputation. In 2017, the Association of Real Estate Developers of Chongqing carried out the rating from three aspects: objective credit standing, business credit and social credit. After 4 months of screening through the processes of preview of materials, on-site inspection and interview with top management, Kangde Group won the AAA credit rating.

Active engagement in urban construction

Winning the honor of municipal-level credit enterprise for a row of 10 years

Enterprise credit rating involves the evaluation of multiple indicators i.e. development capacity, financial credit capacity, land operation credit, enterprise credit before and during construction and social honors. Therefore, it is a major annual exam for enterprises conducted by the association. Since its participation in credit evaluation in 2010, Kangde has been honored as a credit enterprise for 10 years in a row.

The obtainment of the honor of AAA credit enterprise means the recognition of Kangde Group’s active role in urban construction. Kangde Group commits to urban construction in Chongqing and with the development of its blueprint, Kangde Group will further develop exquisite urban living environment and enrich the concept of dwelling to improve the living of people.

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