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Kangde Brach School of Lingyuan Primary School Opens!
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The summer heat still lingers. With the autumn breeze, a new term has begun. On September 6, Kangde Branch School of Lingyuan Primary School opened!

You are welcome, dear children!

“Good morning” comes the greeting of young students to their teachers in the brand new teaching buildings. Rushing into the classrooms, they see brand new air conditioners, projectors, sliding blackboard…the teaching facilities are even much better than some public schools in the downtown of Chongqing. On the plastic playground, students line up for the opening ceremony. Their lovely faces add vitality and warmth to Kangde City.

The school leaders told that there were a total of 36 classes with more than 500 students and many of them were from the families living in Kangde City. Lingyuan Primary School is a key primary school in Chongqing and the best primary school in Jijiang. In Lingyuan Primary School, there are several principal teachers of the school district and backbone teachers of the municipality who will lay a solid foundation for students to achieve their colorful dreams and a wonder life. The opening of the new school means new hopes to more students and will bring them new dreams. Come on, students!

Committing to quality and promise and helping children achieve dreams

The front-line workers of Kangde Group had braved high temperature of over 40 ℃ and worked day and night to construct this most beautiful school in Jijiang. In the future, the school will also add a new chapter to education in Jijiang. It’s learned that Kangde City provides the greatest environment of education in Jijiang by jointing hands with Jijiang Middle School, Jijiang Lingyuan Primary School and Jijiang Experimental Kindergarten, so as to ensure systematic and all-round education resources for the children of proprietors.

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