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Good News, Huangnigang Tunnel Officially Opens!Further Highlighting Regional Advantage of Kangde City
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At 8:30 in the morning of September 30, the people of Qijiang City welcomed the official trial operation of the Huangnigang tunnel, which they have been looking forward to. Vehicles that went out of the city towards the direction of Qiaohe no longer had to travel through the city, instead, they can cross the Tunnel directly from the Chengbei Bridge, greatly shortening the distance to Zaoyuan Avenue

Project Profile

Huangnigang Tunnel, an important construction node for the Rerouting Section of Aluminum Plant Area on the National Highway 210 Line of Huancheng Avenue, is designed to be a two-way four-lane road with the width as 2x11m. It is with a tunnel in left as 765m in length and one in right as 755m in length as well as a spacious walkway allowing walking to Tuowan directly. The Rerouting Section of Aluminum Plant Area on the National Highway 210 Line of Huancheng Avenue was approved by the Development and Reform Commission of Qijiang District on February 14, 2014, according to the document QFGSP [2014] No.16. The estimated total investment of the Project is CNY 606,473,572. The Project starts from Chengbei Bridge and ends at Zaoyuan Avenue, 3.119km in length in total.

Value of Rerouting

The full opening of the Huangnigang Tunnel marks the completion of the National Highway 210 Line of Huancheng Avenue in Qijiang District. The regional advantage of Kangde City will be further highlighted. Owners will only need 5 minutes to reach Tuowan and 10 minutes to Qijiang East Railway Station, which is much more convenient. Moreover, the 11 buses also connect Kangde City well with other places of the city.

Moreover, the full opening of the Huangnigang Tunnel will completely solve the traffic jam at the section from Qijiang Middle School to Qiaohe Area, effectively alleviate the congestion in the downtown areas (Aluminium Plant Area, North Street Area) of Qijiang City, shorten the driving time to Zaoyuan by more than 15 minutes, accelerate the formation of urban road network in the whole district, and effectively promote the economic development of the old city of Qijiang.

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