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Kangde Party Committee Branch One Launched An Activity Themed Handmade Paper Quilling
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On September 27, Party Committee Branch One of Kangde Group launched an activity themed handmade paper quilling at the Party and Group Service Center of Zhongxincheng Shangcheng Tiny Times. Different from traditional learning, this manual activity aims to use art to cultivate sentiment and have inner conversations at working intervals.

Paper Quilling, Art at the Finger Tip

Paper quilling, also known as roll paper, is a form of paper art that is originated in the 18th century England and a handcrafted art that has been spreading in the British royal family. It is to roll thin seven-color papers in circles and form artistic works in various forms by rolling, pinching and collaging.

At the site of the activity, staff at the Party and Group Service Center explained the production process and precautions of the handmade paper quilling. Party members chose their favorite patterns according to their own preferences and started to make. Although looking like simple, it actually takes some patience and skill to really roll out various shapes. “Calm down and make it slowly. This is also an inner dialogue.” The staff instructed the members one-by-one and the members did rolling, pinching, and collaging conscientiously. With gradual master of the skill, they made vases, pretty flowers, and dancers, full of life and extremely fine.

Cultivating Sentiment, Enriching the Cultural Life of Party Members

“Apart from theoretical studies, cultural themed activities are also indispensable. At the intervals of hectic working, party members can have the opportunity to cultivate their sentiments, calm down to make paper art, and use art to deepen their love of life.” According to the relevant personnel of the Kangde Party Committee, each branch will continue to carry out a variety of cultural themed activities.

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