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Oil Road Street Second Property Management Industry Skills Competition,Kangde Property Fighting in the Competition
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On September 28, 2018, the Oil Road Street Party Office and the Oil Road Street General Union held the Second Property Management Industry Skills Competition in the Oil Road Street in LongFor Times Street. Kangde Property Management Co., Ltd., with its excellent professional skills, stood out among the more than 100 participants of the 13 representative teams and won the third prize in this skill competition.

Valiant Heroic, Displaying Style

This skill competition is divided into three parts, including the display of security image service specifications, 4×50m fire extinguisher relay race and fire hose connection competition. The weather on that day was not good and there was little way, but this did not affect the fighting spirit of the Kandge Property team members. The team leader gave the order, and then members displayed uniformed actions, conveying their high morale and displaying their professional spirit in daily work. A competition, a contest of strength, vividly shows the heroic and graceful style of the property servers in the new era.

The relevant person in charge of the Oil Road Street General General Union said that the competition was aimed to encourage property servers to make contributions in their posts, create a good atmosphere of “learning to help and daring to surpass”, and provide high-quality, warm and fast service to the masses with excellent skills.

Serving the needs, Shouldering the responsibilities

In this competition, the participants of the Kangde Property Team were united and organized, and won the third prize in this skill competition with high morale. In the future work, all members of Kangde Property will also continue to carry forward a good work style, adhere to the service policy of “serving the needs and shouldering the responsibilities”, insist on the five-star service quality, and strive to be the industry leader!

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