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Moon Especially Full and Cinnamon Especially Fragrant this Mid-Autumn Festival
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The moon becomes full on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, marking the arrival of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. In the early Tang Dynasty, the custom of enjoying glorious full moon became popular and the celebrating of Mid-Autumn Festival became fixed.

It seems that no festival can rival with the Mid-Autumn Festival in inspiring people’s nostalgia, aspiration of reunion and good harvest and poetic feelings. The full moon hanging in the sky reminds Chinese of the long history of Chinese culture and arouses the cultural gene of Chinese. Another Mid-Autumn Festival is another cultural inheritance. This year, Kangde People will celebrate this traditional festival in more diverse forms, like cultural and innovative market at the Shizhu Central Avenue, mooncakes making, guessing lantern riddles at the Sales Center of Kangde City and clean home of Kangde Property……

Cultural Inheritance · Shizhu Central Avenue Innovative Market Welcoming Mid-Autumn Festival

Going to the market, which sounds strange for urban population, refers to that farmers take their own farm products to the market for trading at an early hour in the morning and till late in the evening. This day is always the most exciting one, with most authentic ingredients and most authentic dialects displaying. This Mid-Autumn Festival, such a traditional, touchable and visible market which allows bargaining gathered at Shizhu Central Avenue, bringing a busy gathering of traditional national culture.

Shizhu Specialty Market

a plenty of national specialties. This market gathered a lot of specialties of Tujia people, including pepper, peanut, well water dried bean and other organic farm products and various handmade cakes of Tujia people…...., which attracted a lot of Shizhu people in the early morning of September 22. It is understood that this market is the first traditional cultural and innovative market in Shizhu. It is jointly organized by Kangde Central Avenue and the County Party Committee and the County Women’s Federation of Shizhu of the Communist Youth League and aims to explore the traditional characteristics of the nation and commercialize the national characteristics, providing an open and diverse display environment and trading platform for cultural products for various nations.

Tea Culture and Flower Culture

In the mid of autumn, the fragrance of tea and flower embraces the air. Once you step into the Central Avenue, you will feel pleasurable and relaxed with the clear smell in the cold air. On September 24, spectators learned how to make Gongfu tea with covered bowl with the teacher at the performance site and followed the showers to search for the artistic conception of still, elegancy, beauty, truth, and harmony while watching flower culture performing. In addition, there are also performing of calligraphy, classical dance, communication culture and Han Chinese clothing, folk music. Such a spectacular market of Chinese culture is attractive at the atrium of Central Avenue.

Guardian of home · Kangde Property

Stepping into every community of Kangde, there are fallen leaves and fragrant cinnamon. The banner “Kangde Property wish all proprietors a happy Mid-Autumn Festival” reminds the approaching of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This time, Kangde Property expressed their wishes and responsibility with the simplest action.

Clean home to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, all communities of Kangde, including Kangde Capitol Hill, Kangde City on Fire and Kangde City, carried out comprehensive cleaning to welcome the festival of reunion with the cleanest home. The property servers tried their best to clean the ground of each community, the public washrooms, equipment rooms, every floor, the drainage, hall ceilings etc. “The Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival of reunion. We wish to welcome both children visiting their parents and homebound proprietors with the cleanest environment!” Related staff of Kangde Capitol Hill told the reporter.

Be grateful, visiting the front-line employees

In this traditional festival of reunion, Kangde Property servers still stay in their posts for the protection of all communities. On September 21, Kangde Property brought warmth and gratitude to employees during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. The leadership of Kangde Property visited each community, expressed their gratitude for the hardworking staff, sent them gifts for the festival, and also reminded them to be alert in details of safety, never take the chance, stick to the initial intention and stick to the responsibility and faith.

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