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The 2nd Stop of Class A League Game 2018 of China Table Tennis Club Closed
Subtitle:一一Kangde City’s Female Table Tennis Team Aims for Another Fight Next Year
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The 2nd stop of Class A League Game 2018 of China Table Tennis Club closed in Yangling, Shaanxi on October 21. Due to unexpected injury of its player, Kangde City’s female table tennis team failed to meet its goal to fight for the top three places after having had two wins consecutively. President of Kangde Group Lu Chaokang, said the result fell behind the expectations. As table tennis club of Kangde Group had been fighting for over ten years in the professional league, we cannot look only at one failure in a single season. At least from their performance in this season, we can totally expect a much better position of our team. There’s great hope for the next year. I believe in my team.

Fighting Despite Injuries

The female table tennis team of Kangde Group had expected to win in this season. However, the team just lost the game it “should have won”. The audacity came from the true strength of the team but no one would expect such an incident. In the match against Beijing Xuandong, first single player Jiang Yue lost 3 games in a row when she was 2:0 ahead the opponent. That was abnormal. We learned that she pulled scapula during the match. Now, she is back to Shanghai for treatment.

In the doubles competition, Jiang Yue kept fighting despite injuries. However, she lost the match, too. She was always the first player in almost every match, because her higher win rate will create early advantage for the team and help reduce the burden of rest members in the later matches.

Jiang Yue

That was the same situation in this game. In order to bring a good start for the team, she fought extraordinarily hard after winning the first two games, expecting to finish the match as quick as possible. However, she was strained. Her failure also affected the morale of the team. Later, other players seemed too eager and failed to display their real competence. “This is nothing about the strength of the team. Jiang Yue’s injury is more serious than we thought it was. We lost a strong player, but our morale was also somehow motivated. We believe we’ll make better achievement next year.” A staff of the club was quite confident.

Unity and Strict Self-discipline of the Team

As a singles player who attended the most matches for Kangde Group in this season, Zhou Xintong posted a message in her WeChat friend circle, blaming herself for her performance. In fact, she had an eye-catching performance in this season. She would attend twice in all matches unless there is a win of 3:0. In addition, she had extraordinary performance in several games: in the match against Zhang Xiaotong from China Table Tennis College, she made a reversal in one game where she is 2:8 behind the opponent; in the match against the team of Liaoning, her quick win helped the team to secure a fifth place in the first stage. Even though she lost the match in the second stage, the scores of the three lost games were all 9:11. There wasn’t a big gap.

All team members comforted her that she had done her best. In the self-summary, the team members also pointed out improvement to be made. Strict self-discipline is always one of the good qualities of the team of Kangde Group. With the sense of responsibility and the spirit of unity, the team will be a promising candidate for championship next year as long we keep the team healthy and integrate.

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