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Trick or treat,Experiencing Western Traditional Festival at Central Avenue
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Halloween, also known as All Saints' Day, is a traditional western festival. October 31, the eve of the Halloween, is the happiest moment. “Trick or treat” is the main activity of the eve: kids will dress themselves as all kinds of ghosts and knock on the doors of neighbors to ask for candies. If no treat is given, the children will play tricks.

On October 31, Kangde Group worked with RYB Education to hold a “Trick or treat” party on the Kangde Central Avenue in Shizhu: there were pumpkin elves, Cosplay runaway, parent-kid pumpkin lamp and masked ball…These activities helped children understand the western traditional festival and learn about the western traditional culture.

At 6pm, a crowd of “vampires”, “supermen”, “witches”, “snowwhites” and “firefighters” appeared in the school of RYB Education in the Central Avenue. Children from 20 families participated in the game.

As the activity began, lights were turned off gradually. Children, dressed themselves as Pumpkin elves, started their performance. They were so lovely and their parents cannot help shooting and photographing with cell phones. Pumpkins were indispensable on Halloween’s day. After the performance by the pumpkin elves, the parents brought their children on a new “journey”: they will use water color pens to make designs and then carve their pumpkin lamps. When finished, they were all excited looking at their own pumpkin lamps.

Finally, the children played “treat or trick” in the Central Avenue. Seeing the lovely children, all shop owners could not help treat them to candies. “Mommy, have some candy!” a sweet voice came. The kids were giving candies to their parents. All adults were touched by their loveliness. It was such a beautiful warm moment in the depth of autumn.

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