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Kangde Group Conduct Trainings to Employees on Software
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As the pricing method has been updated from fixed pricing of 2008 to the list pricing of 2018, the methods of billing and measurement are also subject to changes. On October 25, a training on change in the new Glodon fixed pricing software was conducted in the meeting room of Kangde Group. The members of cost control department and audit department attended the training.

With the progress in the building constructions and the application of new type of construction materials and environment-friendly materials, the fixed pricing software of the version 2008 cannot satisfy the field demands. Second, in 2005, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued new standards for nation-wide unified fixed pricing. The consumption shall be re-measured before the new fixed pricing is matched to the nation-wide unified fixed pricing. Third, with the overall implementation of replacement of business tax with value-added tax, the fixed pricing shall satisfy the demands of the policy. Therefore, the training was held to elaborate the changes of the new pricing software.

The training lasted for two days and covered the analysis of five major parts, including overview of new pricing, construction and installation engineering cost and changes of content, the standards for construction and installation engineering cost and software processing, procedures for pricing of bill of quantities, and the rules for fixed pricing of building construction and decoration. This training improved the business capacity of employees and the efficiency of engineering management persons and provided important technical supports to delicacy management. It’s learned that Kangde Group conducts such training on a regular basis every year and timely update relevant software of departments. In this way, the data is transferred with zero losses at all stages of estimation, budgeting, settlement and review, thus improving the measurement efficiency and the accuracy of engineering management.

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