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Respecting the Aged on Chongyang Festival
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As the autumn comes, all gardens are filled with red leaves and yellow chrysanthemum. Today is Chongyang Festival which always reminds us of respecting the aged. It falls on the ninth day of the ninth month in lunar calendar. Also known as Mountain Climbing Festival, Dogwood Festival, Ancestor Worship Festival and Chrysanthemum Festival, the festival has a history of over 2000 years and no longer serves only as a seasonal reminder. Today, it has been also become a humane festival dubbed as Seniors Festival. On this day this year, Kangde Property Management Company held several public arts shows for and offered gratuitous medical treatment to the elderly in various Kangde Communities and shopping malls with the theme of “Chongyang Festival”by joining hands with several institutions. On this festival, we are especially pervaded by the sense of time and life.

Art Shows by Proprietors for Advocating Harmony in Communities

On October 12, Kangde Property Management Company held an art show themed “Forever Love for the Alderly” in Guohuishan Community by joining hands with proprietors. The units in the community, owners committee of Guohuishan and the proprietors gave over ten performances for the audience.

The proprietors carefully prepared a number of performances i.e. catwalk, classic umbrella dance, chorus of men and women, and ensemble of traditional instruments…The performances brought great joy to the audience. The Harmony Art Troupe of Kangde Community gave a performance with ensemble of western and Chinese instruments, pushing the atmosphere of the shows into a high level. Most members of this art troupe are retired proprietors. They jointly performed three popular folk songs and each song was echoed by the audience.

Later, an allegro performance named “Volunteers of Our Community” satisfied the craving of the audience. In this performance, two actors performed in Chongqing dialect and Narrator further renders the overall atmosphere. The story was about a proprietor who was busy all day as a volunteer in the community. Her had complaints but later changed his attitude after learning about the contributions of volunteers made to the community. Therefore, the husband promised that he would undertake the entire housework so long as his wife is engaged in the volunteer work. As most audience were the proprietors living in Guohuishan Community, they were quite dissatisfied by the previous attitude of the husband. They argued, “This husband is unreasonable. The volunteers are doing concrete things for the good of our community.” After the performance is ended, everyone clapped their hands and said this is a down-to-earth performance. Everyone understood the story and was touched by it.

It's a rare fortune for different people and families living together in the same community as neighbors. The harmony of the community needs the efforts from not only the property management company but also the common efforts of volunteers and each of the residents. We shall remember that we are in a big family in the community and that showing kindness to other will help create a better community for ourselves.

Carrying forward Our Tradition of Respecting the Aged by Offering Gratuitous Medical Treatment to the Elderly

At 9am on Chongyang Festival on October 17, Kangde Property Management Company invited the doctors form People’s Hospital of Shizhu County walk into the Central Avenue to offer gratuitous medical treatment to citizens and to publicize the health knowledge and the preferential medical policies for poverty alleviation.

The medical team listened to the citizen’s inquiry about diet and health and measured their blood pressure and proposed specific treatment plans based on different illness. With respect to common diseases of the elderly, the doctors introduced the general prevention methods and the important roles of healthy ways of life and behaviors and reasonable diet. They not only measured blood pressure and blood glucose and conducted electrocardiogram test for the elderly, but also listened to them carefully and remind them of paying attentions to healthy diet. The elderly Tujia people were quite grateful as they knew today’s life is too much better than the life they used to live.

“We cannot forget our tradition of respecting the elderly. We are providing this gratuitous medical treatment for purpose of bringing some practical benefits to the elderly, so they may keep healthy.” said the manager of the Kangde Property Management Company. It’s learned that the gratuitous medical treatment will be offered in other Kangde Communities.

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