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Building A Residential Property with Ever Best Educational Resources,Kangde Branch School of Jijiang Middle School to be Completed Soon
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Kangde Branch School of Jijiang Middle School is a junior middle school in Kangde Community established by Chongqing Jijiang Middle School. The school is located in Kangde Community at No.88 Xinshan Village, Gu’nan Street, Jijiang City, neighboring the Kangde Branch School of Lingyuan Primary School. The school covers an area of 39.9 mu with a construction area of 16000 square meters. The program is carried out in accordance with state standards to accommodate 32 classes. The school will be equipped with multi-purpose classrooms, dining hall, and annular synthetic track. According to the introduction by the Kangde Group, Kangde Branch School of Jijiang Middle School is expected to be completed at the end of this year. At present, the school has been basically completed. Kangde Branch School of Lingyuan Primary School has been put into use. After completion, Kangde Group will donate them to Jijiang government without reimbursement to satisfy the demand of local residents for primary and secondary educational resources.

Jijiang Middle School, the Best School in Jijiang

Chongqing Jijiang Middle School was established in 1910 with a history of more than 100 years. It is one of the first key middle schools in Chongqing and the best middle school in Jijiang. The school has be awarded several honors i.e. “A Vital Source of Students for Tsinghua University”, “An Initiate Unit of Alliance of National Course Reform in Senior Middle Schools”, “An Advanced Unit in Moral Education in Chongqing”, “A Characteristic School in Scientific and Technological Education in Chongqing” and “A Pilot School for Cultivation of Reserve Football Talents in Chongqing”.

Kangde Promotes the Development of Education in Jijiang

In seeking for development, Kangde Group also rewards the society. Over the past 20 years, it has donated 12 hope schools in Yunyang and Shizhu etc. In 2014, Kangde Group invested CNY 220 million to build a residential property with ever best educational resources by joining hands with Jijiang Middle School and Jijaing Lingyuan Primary School, providing a systematic and fully integrated educational resources for the proprietors. After completion, the Kangde Branch School of Jijiang Middle School will impress everyone with its beauty and complete first class facilities. Undoubtedly, it will become a rich land for cultivation of future talents.

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