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NPC Member Liaison Group of People's Liberation Army Garrison in Chongqing Visits Kangde Group for Inspection of Enhancement of Ties between the Army and Civilian Communities
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On October 31, the NPC Member Liaison Group of People’s Liberation Army Garrison in Chongqing visited Kangde Group for inspection of enhancement of ties between the army and civilian communities. The municipal NPC member and deputy commander of Chongqing garrison command Nan Xiaogang, the deputy secretary of Chongqing municipal government Luo Lin and the director of municipal people’s congress attended the inspection activities. The liaison group mainly inspected the work of enhancing the ties between the army and the civilian communities with focuses on three key aspects of Citizen National Defense Education, implementation of policies of giving preferential treatment to military staff and placement of military officers, veterans and their dependents.

The president Lu Chaokang and secretary of the party committee Liu Li’na of Kangde Group expressed welcome to the liaison group and report the detailed of the work of enhancing the ties between the army and civilian communities done by Kangde Group. Kangde Group had always lists this work a priority and visits local armies on Army Day and Spring Festival and also takes the initiative to carry out the work with regard to replacement of veterans, emplacement of their dependents and the preferential treatment in children education of soldiers. This year, Kangde Group will also incorporate the morale of soldiers into the corporate culture to form a ten iron rules of Kangde Group, turning the foregoing work into the soft power for corporate development and establish a model for non-public economic organizations in providing supports to the army.

The liaison group fully recognized the achievement by Kangde Group in enhancement of ties between the army and civilian communities and pointed out that this work shall be vigorously promoted under the guidance of the guidelines of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era to solve the practical problems of the PLA garrison in Chongqing and enhance the relationship between the army and the enterprises of shared destiny and fortune.

Mr.Lu said Kangde Group will carry on this good tradition of providing supports to the army and dependents of soldiers. Meanwhile, Kangde Group will make further endeavors and utilize its advantages to expand and promote this work by offering more concrete supports.

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