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The 2nd Sports Meeting of Non-public Economic Organizations Kicked Off
Subtitle:一一Athletes from Kangde Group were Fired Up and Ready to Win
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During October 13 to 18, themed “New Era, New Yuzhong District”, the “Xinhanlong Cup” 2nd Sports Meeting of non-public economic organizations was held at the sports center of Jiangbei International Airport. A total of 43 non-public organizations participated in the event. With passion and team spirit, Kangde Group won the top three places in multiple sports.

The 2nd Sports Meeting of Non-public Economic Organizations Kicked Off

On October 13, themed “New Era, New Yuzhong District”, the “Xinhanlong Cup” 2nd Sports Meeting of non-public economic organizations was kicked off at the sports center of Jiangbei International Airport. Deputy Secretary of Yuzhong District He Jiali, member of the standing committee and minister of united front work department of Yuzhong District Zhang Lin attended the opening ceremony of the sports meeting.

The sports meeting was jointly held by the working committee of Yuzhong District, confederation of trade unions of Yuzhong District (General Chamber of Commerce) and General Trade Union of Yuzhong District and will last until October 18. During the event, more than 670 employees from 43 non-public economic organizations will compete for championship in 9 sports including men’s basketball, men’s football, table tennis, badminton, tennis, swimming, track and field, tug of war and team competitions.

In his address at the opening ceremony, Minister Zhang Lin said that the Party Committee and Government of Yuzhong District has attached great importance to the development of non-public organizations and aims to promote the healthy development of non-public economic organizations by provision of governmental supports, policies, platforms and services. The sports meeting was a big event for promotion of healthy development of non-public economic organizations in Yuzhong District. All athletes shall carry forward the spirit of “unity, hard work, initiativeness and mutual help” to create an event of friendship and sportsmanship and demonstrate the strength, excellence and spirit of non-public economic organizations.

Unfading Passion of Athletes of Kangde Group

On day of opening ceremony, the chill winds and drizzled didn’t diminish the passion of athletes of Kangde Group. When the music of “March of Athletes” was played, the sports team of Kangde Group was the first team to march into the court in a neat line. “Kangde shall win! Kangde shall win!” their voice echoed throughout the court. With the progress of the event, the team spirit and indomitability of Kangde Group were fully demonstrated toward every goal in the field.

Hard struggles

Mentioning basketball matches, many people are impressed by their memory of youth: the sunshine, sweats, a turn back, jumps, shots and laughers. Their blood still boils when they recall how they struggled in their youth. Some say: if you do not know what courage is, what dream is or what youth is, then go and see a basketball match. As the seed players in this sports meeting, the basketball team of Kangde Group brought ardent spirit to audients. After five fights in five days, they just failed to compete for the championship due to injuries of team members. In each match, they were passionate and faced strong opponent bravely. They always struggle hard and move forward with the corporate culture of Kangde Group that stresses “hard work, team spirit and gratefulness”.

Enthusiastic Team of Kangde Group

When the whistle was blown, cheers went up from audience in the decks. In the tug of war, every member of the team of Kangde Group had struggled hard and spared no effort. “One, two, three”, they seized the rope tightly, stooped to lower the centre of gravity of body and pulled the rope backward. After several rounds of competition, their hands were all red and peeling. However, they felt and demonstrated the indomitable team spirit of Kangde Group and everyone was encouraged.

Actually, the result of competition is not that important. What truly matters is that the whole team units in each competition with strengthened cohesion and their relationship is enhanced. Each member of Kangde Group will recall with smiles the pleasant memories of how they worked hard toward a common goal. We appreciate each other’s hard work. We had spared no effort to work hard for common goals and we will also join hands in the future to reach out for new goals of Kangde Group! Come on, every member of Kangde Group!

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