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Kangde Group Awarded AAA Credit Rating for Chongqing Real Estate Industry for 11 Consecutive Years!
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The end of year brought goodnews and Kangde made another achievement. As the new year is coming, KangdeGroup has received big good news: AAA credit rating for Chongqing Real EstateIndustry! Since Kangde joined the credit rating in 2010, the Group has beenawarded trustworthy real estate enterprise for 11 consecutive years.

Glorious Event Marking GreatHonor

On December 23, 2020, ChongqingReal Estate Development Association held the fifth session of the 2ndmember congress, namely the fifth session of the 4th council, joinedby nearly 300 attendants from China Real Estate Association, Municipal Housingand Urban and Rural Construction Commission, Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau,Municipal Social Organization Administration, and Municipal and District RealEstate Development Association members and advanced individual representatives,including Vice President Wang Huimin of China Real Estate Association, PresidentYin Yanquan of Chongqing Municipal Real Estate Development Association, andZhang Qiyue, leading Party group member of Municipal Housing and Urban andRural Construction Commission, leading Party group secretary and director ofMunicipal Housing Provident Fund Center as well as Liu Lina, Vice President ofChongqing Municipal Real Estate Development Association, Party Secretary andVice President of Kangde Group.

Awarded associations,enterprises and individuals were commended on the meeting. Kangde Group wasawarded the annual excellent member unit, and AAA credit rating for real estateindustry in Chongqing. Liu Lina, Party Secretary and Vice President of Kangde Group,was awarded the title of annual advanced individual of the association.

Integrity as Foothold andCredit as Foundation

Credit rating speaks forcorporate strength, and AAA credit rating for real estate industry marks thetop level. The honor manifested the credit operation and accumulation of KangdeGroup through the years and symbolized that the performance capacity, customertrust, comprehensive strength, social responsibility and other credit level ofKangde Group were approved by users and market.

An individual has no footholdwithout integrity, and an enterprise cannot thrive without credit. Kangde Groupwill make persistent efforts to keep a foothold with integrity and build theenterprise with credit, strictly obey relevant laws and regulations, and buildthe enterprise credit system so as to better serve the massive property ownersand customers and make greater contributions to building the social creditsystem.

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