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Subtitle:一一Lu Chaokang, President of Kangde Group, Visited the Front-Line Personnel before the Spring Festival and Put forward the Requirement that Work Tasks Should Be Put in Place
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In order to implement theoperation and production during the Spring Festival of 2021, the management ofKangde Group has made a series of detailed plans for the work of each branchand subsidiary, mainly focusing on the work content before and after the SpringFestival. Shortly before the SpringFestival, Lu Chaokang, President of Kangde Group, and his entourage visitedQijiang Subsidiary and Shizhu Branch several times to hold pre-holiday workdeployment meetings.

Determining refined responsibilities

Shortly before the Spring Festival, Lu Chaokang, President of Kangde Group, andhis entourage visited Qijiang Subsidiary several times to hold pre-holiday workdeployment meetings to summarize the recent progress of the main work anddeploy the main pre-holiday work.

Lu Chaokang stressed that the top priority before the Spring Festival is to paythe wages of migrant workers, which requires the heads of the engineeringsection to guarantee the payment of wages of migrant workers on time and infull on the basis of comprehensive sorting and strict implementation, only inthis way can the workers be assured to go home for the holidays; There shouldbe more communication between the heads of each section to coordinate andpromote the project goals set at the beginning of the year. At the meeting, the President further refined theproject goals and determined the responsibilities to ensure that the projectcan be executed on schedule. He also stressed the need to focus on key tasks aswell as to implement them effectively and steadily.

Livening up the Mall Will Create the Traditional Atmosphere of Chinese New Yearfor Kangde Central Avenue

Kangde aims to make customers more satisfied with our services and happier withtheir lives, to build stronger ties between customers and the mall, and tocreate a warm and harmonious mall atmosphere. Therefore, Lu Chaokang, Presidentof Kangde Group, and his entourage went to Shizhu Branch on January 19 to holda pre-holiday work deployment meeting. At the meeting, LuChaokang gave detailed guidance on the work of Central Avenue before and afterthe Spring Festival and made requirements for the pre-holiday work.

Lu Chaokang stressed that safety and service standards are the truth and thebasis for all work to be carried out, and that Central Avenue property staffmust endeavor to carry out various activities in service month in preparationfor Chinese New Year. At the same time, the staffshould be careful and conscientious to ensure the hygienic cleanliness of themall. Secondly, during the SpringFestival, the mall should be decorated for the New Year to highlight thefestive atmosphere; the staff should plan activities during the Chinese NewYear to ensure that there is a rich variety of activities in the mall, thuscreating a Chinese New Year atmosphere.At the end of themeeting, President Lu Chaokang assigned the tasks of leaders of the Branch indetail.

In 2021, Kangde Group must turn its potential into a competitive advantage bypracticing Kangde’s “Ten Rules of Must Do”, with strictness as the firstprecept. The Group should focus on strategic objectives, further clarify taskindicators, implement measures, etc., strengthen team building management, andmaintain efficient and good communication.At the same time,all staff should carry forward the spirit of hard work and innovation, maintainthe style of hard work and absolute sincerity, and strive hard to make theGroup become a benchmark real estate enterprise in Chongqing!

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