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Shuttlecock Dance - Let's Kick Shuttlecock
Subtitle:一一"Let's Kick Shuttlecock" competition held on Kangde Central Avenue
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Kicking shuttlecock can not only build yourbody, but also enhance your equilibrium, reaction capacity and eyesight, relax youand make you closer with others. It gathers people from various walks of lifeand places and at various ages together. This is the unique charm of kickingshuttlecock. On May 15, a competition with a theme of "Let's KickShuttlecock" held on Kangde Central Avenue brought visual enjoyment andinfinite fun to people in Shizhu County.

As the match began at 15: 00 p.m., playerskicked shuttlecocks one after another. Some occasional mistakes in the matchdid neither fluster them nor affect their rhythm. They took it easy to kickshuttlecocks with their hands, feet and eyes concentrating on shuttlecocks, andmost of them did very well! Some even completed 89 kicks one time withoutinterruption, and the audiences gave them praise and applause, and cheered themon.

"I like the activities of the CentralAvenue very much. Some people coming here are my old friends, andsome are new friends. Sometimes, we also make an appointment to attend anactivity, which not only enriches our weekend life but also enhances ourhealth." A child player said to the reporter.

The players jointly drew a beautiful picture of"Shuttlecock Dance". Just as depicted in an ancient poem Zhegutian Kick Shuttlecock,"Pretty little girls kick shuttlecock in knots, goose feathers jumping onfeet resemble flowers. Flipping and rotating gestures are extremely wonderful,and Jumping and flying gestures are also amazedly beautiful. Their bodies areagile as swallows, and faces are red like sun glow. Kids are too happy to gohome. They also kick shuttlecocks to each other with feathers in the airjumping and booming, and silvery laughter far spreading."

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