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Save the time and promote the efficiency to ensure an orderly progress of production work
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In order to supervise the progress of the project in Qijiang and clear the construction obstacles, on June 13, Lu Chaokang, Chairman of Kangde Group, accompanied by Yin Liping, Vice President and General Manager of Qijiang Branch, Ma Yi, Manager of the Engineering Department, and Peng Lang, Manager of the Business Department, made a on-the-spot investigation to the construction site of Lot C1 of the Qijiang project and went to the three or four bidding sections to ask in detail about the progress of the project and made arrangements for related work.

The sun was blazing, but time was of the essence, and Lot C1 of Conde City was about to be delivered. With the mission of being responsible to the people and accountable to the society, Chairman Lu braved the high temperature and came to the construction site to understand the production process, made coordinated arrangements for the current difficult work and specifically formulated the production plan. Chairman Lu requested that the production cross operation is needed, the production plan should be arranged properly, and a detailed timeline should be set for each work. Mr. Ma Yi, the manager of the engineering department, said that he would follow the chairman's deployment and complete the work in accordance with the established timeframe to ensure that the houses would be delivered to the people on time.

Finally, Chairman Lu stressed that the person in charge of the projects under construction should never relax to ensure the quality and safety management of the projects, seriously implement the production safety responsibility system, and enhance the sense of responsibility for the work. At the same time, he asked the project managers to do a good job in construction safety protection and safety education and training of construction personnel to improve safety awareness and ensure “no accident” in safety production.

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