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Delicious Zongzi makes a Warmer Festival
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“What a great day, the traditional atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival is getting stronger and stronger.” On the morning of June 12, the community of Kangde City in Qijiang was extraordinarily bustling. The cultural performance “Let's take the Dragon Boat Festival together” organized by the community and Kangde Property started with a group of children singing and dancing. The owners of Phase I and Phase II of Kangde City gathered and were entertained by a cultural program written and performed by residents and community staff to send happiness and convey a strong feeling of Dragon Boat Festival.

Over 30 children dressed in a variety of dance costumes, with the most adorable performance, presented the most dazzling opening dance to the residents. Ms. Yang, the owner, was overjoyed to see the children's performance: “We are especially happy to see these children performing.” This was followed by poetry readings, a costume show, and other wonderful performances. The performers expressed their love for traditional culture with loud and clear songs and beautiful dances. The wonderful performance won the audience's applause and gave a rise to the atmosphere.

In order to let the majority of owners further understand traditional folklore and love traditional festivals, during the Dragon Boat Festival, the Property also held activities such as zongzi and sachet making, the owners have taken part in it, from 5- or 6-years old children to over 70 years old people, and about 70 people signed up to participate in the activity site, people are enthusiastic, enjoy the fun brought by traditional festivals. After more than an hour of hard work, the dumplings were presented in front of us, each with its own unique character and each with a different form of sachet. People have said, “This popular way of celebrating the festival is very good, which not only brings the neighborhoods closer, but also deepens the people's understanding of traditional culture.”

In addition to the cultural performances and folklore activities, the Property in each district of Kangde also prepared nearly 4,000 Zongzi for the owners. And the property staff handed out the Zongzi to each owner one after another. The hot Zongzi were a token of appreciation for the owners’ support and understanding from the Property, a token of the deep love and affection between the service and the served, and a token of the sincere blessings of Kangde Property to the owners.

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